Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Guess what!!

Been years I know! lol

A lot... and I mean a loooooooottttt has happened within this past week...mmmmm......

Where do I start?.....and NO neither Dan nor Ken took me to the North Pole to propose with the biggest rock ever liveth....No...none of that happened me mates....wud have been nice thou but no...didn't happen. Sorry 2 disappoint you guys o jare!

So the monitoring spirits and 'bad belles' from my village are finally making progress...chai! They have almost succeeded ooooooo. They have probably discovered a high ranking Native Doctor somewhere, provided him with one of my panties on request which he then sniffed before dipping in a clay pot full of juju herbs and spiders amidst chants....and guess what?....it luckily worked!!...chai...I am finished ooooooo!!

Story story storyyyyyyyyyy....

So I went to work the other day and I got a letter!!....Hold Up..wait a minute....NOT a love letter seeing as Valentines day is right around the corner....nope!

My sisters and Brothers I got a TRANSFER LETTER...

You are probably wondering by now why I'm acting all these drama seeing that I'm a single babe with no kids to take care of or a husband's chest to rub...so what's the big deal in being transferred sef?..at least you will enjoy your freedom abi? Well if those were your line of thoughts then you are thinking very well my dear BUT there is more. Now if I was transferred to Calabar or where else is far sef?...mmmm..*thinking* Benue state?...well u sha catch my drift...if it was somewhere like those places, I'll probably get ready in 5mins and zoom off to the airport with a spring in my step...oh yessss!

But I was transferred to the NORTH....yeh you read that right. I'm not talking abt Kano or some other safe zones (is Kano even safe sef?) but I was transfered to the heart of Boko Haram. One of the main states that has been and still is under attack...*rolling eyes*...oya tell me this is not the work of my enemies? *smh* It just has to be...there is an invisible hand in all this...chai! Or wait...did I offend any Oga at the top? But then again it can't be that bcos majority of us were affected....

See ehhhhh...I don't have skills in dodging bombs ooooo....I don't!

On this note I leave you to digest this info abeg...its not fair jor!

Till my next post...


  1. I'd advice you start dusting your CV. Try applying for jobs in your line and also exploit your network to get a new job.

    You shouldn't be tied to your current company in life-threatening circumstances. If you feel the compensation is worth the move, then by all means go.


    1. Yes oooo, my CV has been dusted and updated and i have even started attending interviews. Cheers!

  2. awwww... pele dear.... i hate transfers... where will u start from now.. kai.. pele lov