Saturday, 7 March 2015

My Husband and Kids

The lady that I usually buy Chicken from thinks I'm married with kids and I neva correct her.....why shud i? ...buhahahaha...lordy lord!.

When I go 2 buy Full Frozen Chicken from her and ask her to leave the Chicken Waist 'whole' instead of cutting it into 2 pieces... she always smiles and teases me that 'mmmmmm madam... always taking care of Oga...this your Oga dey enjoy oo'... thats assuming that I leave the waist un-cut for my darling 'husband' per good wife tinz....*yimu*. 

She doesn't know that the Chicken Waist is my fav part of the chicken (including the bumbum ofcos) I always leave that part big and whole so that I can demolish it seeing as I love things meaty.........husband ko...husband ni...lmao

She then proceeds to ask after my kids and I always chuckle and say 'oh my babies are fine my dear'..lolz.......dont worry im not spoiling my market...i highly doubt a Chicken Seller is capable of hooking me up with an eligible man....abi? I just love the thrill of our conversation is all.

You would think the fact that Im never wearing a ring weneva she sees me wud give her a hint that I aint married... but I guess dats cos a lot of married ppl don't even bother with rings anyway esp on a Sunday morning running errands sharpily.........that reminds me.....I need to do a post on 'Sunday Morning Market tinz' soon...aaaaaahhhhhhh yes!  
When I go 2 buy wings at Chicken Republic or chops at any Fastfood and I order a lot, I usually pass a comment abt how my babies love wings and how they will so be a bother without their cakes or pies...all dat just 2 cover up the fact that the excess food I'm buying is really just for one person...lmao.....yeh yeh yeh....I'm guilty!!!. Its not like anyone cares to know oooo but its just my guilty 'conco' (conscience) on overdrive *covers face*...

Iv been told its good to claim what you this is me claiming a wonderful Husband and Kids ooooo abeg...

Till my next post.......


  1. loooollll... realness u just killed me.. im still laughing.. u are just a foodie... lmao

  2. Hehehehehehehe....foodie is correct.

  3. Lols. Fake it till you make it eh. I'm getting babe.

    Hiya hunnaaay