Saturday, 28 February 2015

OMG....You will never guess who called me last nyt....NO WAY!!

People from my past crawling back one by one in2 my life....mmmmmmm....woooow!!..
1st the this guy!!!

So I was chilling in my bed last nyt enjoying my 'me time' as usual and all of a sudden my phone rings. It was an international number from a country I once lived in. So I pick up and I'm like 'hello'...the caller says 'hello this is *inserts name*...I immediately went in2 shock mood....I was like 'which *inserts name* is this'?.. and by then I already recognized the voice.
As if by default I hung up..........
My phone rang again....
Me: hello
Caller: Hello its *inserts name*..
Me: oh network issues...sorry
Caller: no problem..
Me: woooooooooooooooooow....watsup? been a while! How r u? How did u get my number?
He went on to explain that he collected it from a mutual friend of ours who he ran into. We exchanged the hellos and did a lil catching up. Well all in all he said that he was coming 2 Naija and thot we shud hook up since he will be in my town for a while. So I'm like 'ooooooookkkkkkkk'! *side eye* totally weird!!
Its been like wat? 7yrs or so? And dis nigga just calls like we last saw yesterday....OMG!!

I'm still in shock you know cos I decided 2 bring this guys's matter here wen I started this blog and he JUST decided 2 call out of the blues...just like dat? *screams*. Now who wud have thot?

I doubt I'll hook up like he says wen he comes 2 naija....I don't know...I'll keep it open....hold up now....hold way in hell am I going 2 have 'anything' to do with a dumbass that disvirgined me without knowing....Oh Hell Noooo!!

I think I'm going to ask him the 'almighty question'.....if he is aware that he disvirgined me or not..... I just feel like I need closure on that issue...lmao...I don't want to be assuming jooor...I'll just point blank drop the question on him..thats if I have the

I'll let u guys know how it all goes down sha...

Till my next post....

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