Tuesday, 16 December 2014


I promise to say the TRUTH and nothing but the truth, so help me!!   
Im Anonymous anyway so wat will it benefit me to lie ehhh???

Sugar daddy is a slang term for a man who offers to support a typically younger woman or man after establishing a relationship that is usually sexual.

It got to a stage in my life wen i was approached by approx 4 married men a week (i kid u not), i was wondering why single men were running away (i aint got no high standards or nothing). wen they asked for my number i wud lie dat im married or other times i wud say my fiance wont like it or just plain ol' NO!!! Then the pestering begins...so i wud sometimes give my number for peace to reign, my plan was 2 ignore d calls till dey got tired and disappeared. It wasnt possible to get reid of quite a number of dem so i got me a solution. CHOP DER MONEY AND NO TO SEX!!!
This plan worked cos wen dey start showering me with gifts (which i accepted of cos) and i keep giving one excuse or the other to avoid meeting dem at a hotel or travel somwer, dey start fading away.
See ehhh... i met 'Chief' abt 3yrs ago. He was one of those married men that came and asked for my number *yawnsssssssssssssssssssssssssss*. He persisted as usual and i gave it * yawnssss*. As usual he called, enticed me with gifts and i waited it out. i waited, waited and waited for him to fade away but Chief kept on calling. Yes we hung out sometimes and he wud pester for sex which i will respond with a resounding NO!!! Shey wen he is tired of spending he will go abi?? 1 yr passed Chief was still in touch with me, he wud vex plenty times and vow neva to call me eva again lol. Some weeks later Chief will call asking to see me cos he misses me. The circle continued. He wud ask for sex and i wud shout NO!!! I wud even go as far as telling him i'll neva sleep with him and if he wants to go he shud go. Anoda advantage i had over Chief was d fact dat he said he doesnt use condom. I pounced on that bit of information and demanded that even if i was to sleep with him, he must use a condom. lol. (i knew he had no intention of doing dat). Of cos he refused.. 2 yrs passed, now in the 3rd year, Chief is still hanging around. When he's bored, he calls me and we hang out wen im also bored, if he is willing to give freely, who am i to refuse??
We are on the level that we just while away time by gisting, talking abt his numerous girlfriends that range from 17 - 50yrs old. Chief is really a dog dat sleeps with anything in skirt and i really pity him cos one day dat HIV and other sexual diseases he is toying with will catch up with him. Did i also mention dat he has also impregnated plenty girls? All aborted ofcos and it goes on and on. As usual, Chief will complain dat his wife is a nag and dis and dat and i just YIMU him,waving him off. I dont believe married men that think dey can get in your pant by downgrading der wives. That wife-bashing method is played out jor!!!
So yeh, iv done all in my power to chase Chief away but he resists, he is my friend and i will leave it at dat as long as i know dats all der is 2 it.

The ONLY time i EVER slept with a married man was cos the IDIOT, sorry BIG ASS IDIOT! lied to me abt being married. The morafucker actually brought his baby on one of our outings and bcos his friend came along pushing d buggie and taking care of the baby, he lied dat d baby was his friend's. Of cos i belived him (cudnt doubt him and how will i know someone wud lie abt something like that)??? Ofcos i dumped his ass afterwards and till date dis nigga calls me dat he is inlove with me and dat he wants me to be his Nigeria wife (as his other woman is caucasian), CAN U IMAGINE THE INSULT?..Smh*

Till my next post............



  1. I think every unmarried girl has a sugar daddy..... we necessarily don't have to sleep with them abi?

  2. Not every o,mami.Where did you come up with the census? * side eyes *
    It's the chief's wife I even pity.I hope he doesn't give her the dreaded virus.