Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My job hunting experience so far....

So since my wicked employers decided it was time I become a worthless sacrifice to Boko Haram, I decided to save my pretty head oooo jare.......patapata I'll use my little savings 2 start hawking pure water, car charger or cleaning wind shields in traffic...

Well i'v fully embarked on my job hunting expidition and thus far i'v registered to job sites for help. 
Let me tell u ehhhh...its a whole different ball game when someone who has been in employment for years suddenly isn't anymore. It took me a couple of days to recuperate. 
1st...waking up in the mornings and staying home for days and days is driving me bonkers. Feels like the twitching and convulsion will soon set in and all....gooooshhhh!!.

So iv been buying Tuesday Guardian newspaper and sourcing out jobs suitable for me. There are the ones that will ask for you to send your qualifications and blah blah to a certain number for an instant job....*rolling my eyes*

Of cos I now know better than I did since I started job hunting. About 70% of jobs i'v applied for happen to send me texts within 24hours inviting me to come for a briefing or training at so and so location the next day...some will even go as far as congratulating me on my immediate job offer and excellent salary package..*as per President's daughter that I am...getting special treatment tinz*........*yimu*
Infact let me copy and paste samples of texts I get...........

**You have been shortlisted for a post of UNIT MANAGER in MPG Resources @ 161, Ikorodu Rd, Onipanu B/Stop Opposite Eco Bank on Fri. 06/02/15 by 9AM. CAREER 0131** 

**M.G.Resources invites you for an Aptitude test/briefing@ 161,Ikorodu rd,Onipanu B/stop.Beside Lanre Shittu Motors,FRI,20/02/15 by 9am,08033033399**


**You are invited for an interview with MRC on Wed. 11/2/15, by 2pm at 2nd floor, 343 Agege Motor Road, Challenge B/Stop Mushin Lagos. Adm:UN003C/HR:08185117920 **

Being a novice in job hunting in Naija, I screamed for joy the first time I got one of these texts (the 1st one I pasted)...infact I started announcing that I had an interview to attend the next day for a post of Unit Manager...as in I was feeling like the chosen one....imagine applying one time and getting interview the next day..*pops collar....big girlz tinzzz...holla*

So being that nobody had ever heard of the company that sent me the text and I needed directions to the location of my million dollar job, I decided to call the phone number attached to the text for directions and all..
A guy picked the call sounding like I woke him from his slumber. I told him I got a text from this number and needed to know the kind of company it was as I have filled a lot of applications, some I cant even remember. The guy hesitated and told me to just be there tomorrow as long as I got the text. I persisted but he kept dodging the question, so I hung up. All my excitement just fizzled out and something told me things weren't adding up...reputable companies wudnt send you these kind of text messages in the 1st place...so I decided to try my bestie 4 life 'google'. I searched the mentioned company and voila! All I saw was Scam Scam Scam!!! I clicked on the one associated with Nairaland and got all the answers I was looking for. There was already a thread going on where novices like me pasted the exact same text and asked if it was real and just like that all my hope was lost...as a confam cry baby that I am, I took a couple of minutes to shed tears...oh how embarrasing......the thread on Nairaland confirmed such texts were scams. There was even a text that required I bring N1000 along to the briefing. 

I'm really grateful for the internet and my darling google. Infact immediately I get an email or text for and interview now i'm straight onto google to check out the company and its authenticity before I dare make a move..

So my brothers and sisters ehhhhh...its really an eye opener for me in this job hunting phase. I'm still learning.

P.s- In order not 2 make this post a novel, I'll just break down my job hunting experiences ranging from the interviews iv attended so far and the Alhajis from connections i made from my previous  job asking 2 pay money in2 my account to come for a visit and discuss my job issue...buhahahahahahahhah...I can't deal yoooo...

P.p.s- incase you are wondering how I got my previous job without hunting...let's just say it was practically dropped on my lap.......this time OYO is my case.

 Till my next post...


  1. Try using credible job sites like jobberman, naijahotjobs etc. Also streamline your search to the industry you desire and focus your job search on this industry. A few applications to less desired industries might also help. The internet is your best resource for this phase. For instance you could type in this search word in google 'companies in the telecommunications industry in Nigeria'. Then go to their career pages, create a profile for yourself and submit your CV. For those companies within your vicinity or state, you could follow up with a CV submission in person and maybe a chat with the HR personnel of that company.

    Additionally, enrol in trainings that could boost your acceptability index for your desired jobs. E-commerce sites like dealdey.com have discounted trainings that are massively beneficial to job seekers. This training could also prove to be a good ground for networking and getting a job.

    Online educational sites like open2study.org, coursera.org, edx.org offer free enlightening courses that could be used to keep you busy in your spare time.

    If I proceed any further with my advice, I might just have to charge you for consultancy fee. Wish you God's best with your job search.

    1. As in ehhhhh dis ur reply is fully loaded.....if u charged me a consultation fee at this point i might even just vex and turn over all my life's savings to you sef....lol.... I'm on job sites already and i am taking up every single one of ur pointers. Such an intelligent person......grateful!!!!

    2. Chrisyinks, good contribution there. Thanks for the briefing.

  2. It's terrible for people to have used job hunting as a way to scam people. It must've been frustrating on your end when you found out. However, I gotta say that it's good that you researched before actually going to the location. I do hope it never happens to you again. Good luck with your job hunt! :)

    Waylon Grimm @ AllForce Labour Solutions

  3. Even on jobberman and career nigeria, there are some fake jobs too which they don't notice until you inform them about it... i ve been using jobberman since 2007

  4. I understand that employment is quite hard to come by these days, what with all the competitions and get-hired-quick scams. Have you tried going to more reputable and known sites, or one that was personally recommended by someone you know? This reduces your chance of wandering to less-credible places and meeting with dubious people. Good luck!

    Mariano Flanders @ Andiamo-Group

  5. Let’s say you eventually get the job. No be sack they go sack you one day, no matter how hard=working you are. No be downsizing they go do one day, and push you out, even without a dime, and you start from the scratch again, looking for another job? Na so you go continue for the rest of your life? Cant you stop and reason like an intelligent human being? They are scammers, they are fake, they are this and that? See your mouth. Do you know how many lives these so called “scammers” have changed and turned around? Do you know how many millionaires that these so-called “scammers” have produced? Cant you ever decide to allow these “scammers” to change your life once and for all, so that you can settle down and marry and have beautiful children and fine house and fine cars? Abi na Buhari and your state governor go do am for you? Dey there and keep talking like parrot as opportunities pass you by. Stupid, gullible, lazy people. You want to be rich abi? Make you carry your cv dey look for that company that will make you rich. Can’t you learn from the mistakes of others wey don work for life, e.g. your parents? They don work, work, work, and work. Wetin all the work fetch for them? Nothing but poverty. Please, re-think. These organizations are not scammers, okay? If they were, the government would have long clamped down on them. However they go about doing their business should not bother you. It doesn’t matter. The money they ask you to pay is for your licence or registration. It’s not even big money. If it were to be big money (as is the case in the real 419 people), I wonder what you’d call them. Look, they are highly respectable people. There are doctors there, accountants, lawyers, pharmacists, teachers, policemen and women, lecturers, businessmen and women, name it. There are people from all walks of life in the MLM business. If you don’t like the sms they send to you just delete it. As simple as that. These people are taken care of like kings and queens by all kinds of multi-billion-dollar companies in the United States and are duly rewarded for their hard work. Even that “genuine” company wey you dey look for with your yeye copy-and-paste cv, no go treat you like that if they ever make the mistake of employing you. No work for Nigeria, even for the whole world sef. Abi you no know? Abi you want carry cv dey waka all over Lagos till your teeth begin to fall? Till your children and grandchildren begin to come and point fingers at you that you are responsible for their suffering? Think my dear. Think. Make use of your brain. Make you no dey go about dey gossip. Mike Okri say time na money, do better thing, no waka waka, no gossip gossip . . . And those people, those organizations, you are destroying their reputations are busy doing better thing, making better money, while you are busy backbiting them. You get time to waste o. As for me, I no get that kind time. A word is enough for the wise. God bless you all.

    1. You are very stupid for saying this. Did she force you to read her post? As you are advising her to delete the messages, why didn't you advise yourself first by ignoring her "rant"?

  6. I jus recieved the text....lol

  7. Please i want to comment on the last anonymous reply.. And i want to beg the owner of this blog "pls ma ep me publish it.. Your job hunt wee not hunt ur life *in frank Donga's voice*
    Back to u o.. Anonymous reply Whoever you are i pray u come back to read this reply.. One word “YOU ARE A FOOL“.. You and your cohorts are the problem of this country... How would u open ur mouth and shallow mind to even reply.. Telling pple to blame their parents for working.. When u pple try so hard to extort and exploit the unemployed... Like you hav a real job... U rent a small room with plastic chairs wasting pples time in a so called interview. At the end of the day u tell them to pay money to register.. Lol.. Sorry o.. I had the money that is why i came looking for job.. U even hav bragging rights to say that if the company was a scam the government would hav.. I dont blame u.. I blame ur smart fone that just outsmarted ur brain making ur years of education a waste.. I no even know wetin i find come before i enta this blog.. Oh i remember "mg resource". To show how confused ur generation could be no specific company name "mg consulting" "mg resource global" arggh.. Infact kneel let me pray for you “THE TYPE OF FRUSTRATION YOU AND YOUR COHORTS MADE EVERY JOB SEEKER IN LAGOS TO GO THRU.. YOUR CHILDREN WILL FACE IT IN JESUS NAME" AMEN. I HOPE before then u wld hav become a millionaire making wealth from unemployed pple so ur children dont face wat we go thru every day.. Let me just stop herw before i finish character space.. Feel free to reply... I have the blog on bookmark

  8. Lol....no be small matter!! So "my life", have you gotten a job now?

  9. I got same msg as the first one you pasted (MG resources).. i called the n one old woman picked sounding like my ekatie that does errand ahome..lolz.. As copy n pasted the addy to google, and saw ur recounted experience .. i vex say i waste my credit call the number sef.. i should have Google first..
    thanks for the write sha.. i hope you gotten an offer by now... rememeber me in your sala-paradise**winks
    God bles

  10. Nawa ooo!!! Oh yes, just got a message from MG resource, exactly like yours just difference in the number. I called the number, wasn't comfortable because can't remember sending my CV to any MG resource or or business company because am in a medical/ laboratory field, then i ran out of airtime, just for me to recharge, he didn't pick and then I decided to google the company and I saw this. Thanks so much for the information.

  11. I guess MG Resource is using job sites like career24 and co to get their prey. Cos I noticed that whenever I apply for any job on career 24, that's when I will receive MG Resource sms. I have received their sms like I cannot count. This is just my opinion.