Saturday, 31 January 2015

Get yours, don't you dare touch mine!

You know when you are out and you order something 2 eat and the guy you are with says he doesn't want anything 2 eat. Then when your yummy meal arrives, he has the guts 2 dip his bloody fingers in2 your food.......oh hell noooooooooooooo!!
This also applies 2 ladies as well ofcos.

Why say you are not hungry but want to share mine when it arrives? That's just fucking annoying....arrrgggghhhhhhh!! 
See ehhh....I have no problem sharing food or none of that....but why pretend like you don't eat or that you are watching what you eat or you don't have enuff money 2 pay for 2 plates of food but go ahead to shorten my ration? *rolling eyes* 
Me I don't have shame in that department. If a guy or anyone I'm out with says he/she doesn't want food when I'm ordering, I normally turn to them and ask 'are u really sure you don't want anything'?...when the answer is 'No' and the waiter leaves I look them straight in the eyes with a mean mug and tell dem that they better not touch my food and it isn't a joke...then I keep the stare for abt 5secs longer b4 turning away! Badass!! 
Most times the other person calls back the waiter and places an order for fear of what I might they simply try hard 2 ignore my food wen it comes. For those that think the warning is all a joke and still go ahead to dig in...I simply move my plate closer to my self and form a shield. Wateva it stingy or you sabi!!

Get yours...leave mine the hell alone!!

Till my next post...

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  1. keep showin ursef dats ow u wont tie d knot