Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Neighbour Is A Vampire

So I've sort of been monitoring this guy 4 a while now before drawing my conclusion.

See ehhhhh....there are some nights I don't sleep heavily or Im awake watching a movie or reading a book till dawn thats how im able to notice this guy's routine..... just to clarify that im not a

Ok let's say they 'take light' around that kind 11pm...this my Neighbour (Tenant) is up within 5 seconds fiddling with his padlock and proceeds to turn on his Generator (Gen)...I hear him clearly cos my room faces his apartment.They then 'bring light' say 11:20pm...he is up within seconds again to change over and turn off the Gen.They take light again say 11:25pm...guy is up to put the Gen back this stage its quite understandable cos it isnt so late and all.
On some days NEPA will be 'dilly dallying'...taking and bringing light at about 30secs intervals...still this guy will be up to either change over/turn off or put the Gen back on....gaddamn!!...I mean who da hell does that?
This whole on and off of the Gen goes on through out the night till the morning....phewww!!
Ok now tell me when this guy actually closes his damn eyes to sleep at I have no other choice but to conclude that he is a VAMPIRE!

*Maybe he even sucks blood in the privacy of his apartment sef...who knows?*

Did I also mention that he has to walk a distance to where his Gen is?...*nods head*....yes u heard right.

*or could it be he's a sleep-walker?...mmmmmmmm.....ohhh I don't knowwwwww*

There are times when I listen out for other ppl's Gen to also come on at odd hours but nope!..only this Vampire is up and abt making trips 2 his Gen and back.
The guy sef surely isn't scared of the dark or the fact that one 'ojuju calabar' will even come and catch him on one of his wa oooooo!!
Any time I don't hear the familiar shuffling to turn on his Gen then I know the guy has traveled or slept out that day.

Another thing is how this guy even knows when they bring light in the first place while he is asleep...there is the sound of that siren that goes off wen they bring light but Gen noise usually muffles the siren sound and a person fast asleep will hardly hear it...
Or is it that he installed that bulb that comes on when there is light in his bedroom?...the thing tire me ooo!

Mehn....that guy is really something else sha...not sleeping at night must be affecting him big time during the day.

Or beta still he shud just employ a personal Generator guy 2 do the on/off thingy for him or have they invented an automatic sensor thing that detects when NEPA brings or takes light and automatically notifies the Gen to come on or go off...or am I just jonzing?....the thing is so annoying abeg!!

Till my next post..... 


  1. This babe will not kill someborry oooooooooooooo.... lool.. u are just a case

    1. Lmao ese ooooo....I talk am how I see am na..lolz. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Why doesn't he just leave the thing till morning instead of going up and down. Maybe he's a chronic insomniac...

    1. Mayb he is a 'mizing' fuel

  3. he's probably allergic to heat

    1. Mmmmm...cud be. Tanx 4 stopping by Mayor.

  4. D guy is a probably a movie freak....cos I get like that too when am watching a film and the light goes...then in a while they bring it back's like I need to stop the gen noise so as to enjoy d movie,so I go again to turn it off....really gets crazy sometimes back and forth......but not really past midnight I value my sleep jooor