Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Houseboy

I just ran in2 a guy I met about a couple of years ago or so and I just had 2 share his story with u guys.

Story story...storyyyyyyyyyyy....

So I was at Slot that year 2 get my phone repaired (can I mention how Slot charges crazy prices 2 repair phones which will most likely scatter the next day and when you take it back they request for more money.....bloody thieves!) 

Anywayszzzz, this guy who I noticed kept staring at me decided 2 finally approach me on my way out.
Just by the look of him, I could tell he was some kind of a Gym fanatic...he had rock-hard biceps, thick and I could tell some 6 pacs were hidden somewhere underneath his shirt...he was dark skinned and abt my height or a few inches shorter. I was really impressed and all. He asked 4 my number and begged 2 call me the next day after work.

After work the next day he called and asked to take me out for a drink and I said ok. He said he wud pick me up at a certain spot and described the car he was in...a black Range my mind I'm like okkkkk.....nice 'bod', cool and a nice ride 2 go with it...not bad at all! (1st time we met I didn't see him in any ride cos I had to leave before him). 

So I get 2 the spot...saw the ride as described and made my way 2 the passenger's side only 2 see this guy on the passenger seat with another macho hunky guy seated in the driver's seat. I just jejely retreated 2 the back seat. Did I mention how I hate when a guy brings a Tag-Along (TA) on a 1st date? annoying!! Not just any TA but one that owns the ride used 4 the date! It means that the TA can decide 2 leave with his ride at anytime during the date and my date and I will have to trek or jump bike or bus, keke or he might just have to give me a piggy back ride when its time 2 leave..*smh*.
I wasn't impressed one bit....but I took a deep breath and continued with the date. Now this TA was very good looking and smelt of money. My date was kinda quiet through out the ride and the TA was the talkative one, chatting me up and even flirting. It was really a weird situation 2 say the least. 
TA was the one that decided where we went to for drinks and you could tell he was the nigga 'incharge'.. as in Oga tinz!

We get to the spot and guess wat? My mumu of a date ran off to adjust our table in such a way that it wud suit us while the TA stood aside playing with his Iphone... my date then pulled out TA's chair for him to sit, handed him the menu when the waiter brought it and let TA decide what we were having. The guy didn't even pull my chair out for me to sit......can u imagine??? Even a dummy would know by now that my date was a HOUSEBOY

This was totally new to me cos normally, I always date the BOSS not the houseboy....I'm used to the house boys tagging along and attending to all my needs while the Boss pampers me and all.....but in this situation, I felt like the 'Gateman's wife'....chai!! life! *smh*
As if the embarrassment wasn't enough, when the drinks arrived my date sharpily stood up to open drinks, he didn't even open mine 1st, he picked up TA's and opened it and to my greatest surprise proceeded to pour out TA's beer for him into a glass cup b4 handing it over to him.....OMG!! *shiverrrrrsssss*
I just sat in amazement and looked on........ 
Through out this date TA would send my date 2 the car or 2 get the waiter or some random errand like dat....I even started thinking that maybe my date brought me as a prize token for TA bcos TA was trying 2 have a full blown conversation with me while my date quietly sat back...buhahaahhahaha...I can't deal.........lmao.........seriously???
Well I endured it cos hell I needed the free drinks and a bit of relaxation after a long day at work.... know-amin??
So that date ended there and then.......phewww....

Fast forward to 2day, I was about to enter a shop I normally buy Philippine series from and a guy in a ride was hollering at me, I turned and he pointed for me to please come...not wanting to be rude cos ppl were everywhere....I made my way to the ride cos I thought it might be one of my relatives or friends and the only way I wud really see the face in the car was if I go closer cos I'm short sighted and all. Did I mention that the person hollering at me was in d back seat? Ok .......*not OgaTinz kinda back seat ooo*......
I approach the car and it was my former mumu date from way back when.....I pretended like I didn't know him and said hi...after much hesitation he said he would call me after they pack the car assuming I still remembered him from way back. I said ok and quickly switched off my fone and disappeared. No way!

Ladies and gentlemen...the front seats of the car were occupied by none other than Mr TA himself and a babe........ with my former date at the back seat like a timid child...TYPICAL!!!!
I'm sure he had to plead and beg TA before he even stopped the ride 2 holler at me in the first in ehhhhhhh!!

A houseboy that hasn't upgraded in almost 2years got no potentials in my book I'm afraid!!


P.s- this was supposed to be part of my awkward dates posts but I guess it skipped my mind!

Till my next post........