Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Plss ooo,  I'm not a badoo ooo (bad girl) of sorts. Its not dat I made out to intentionally date 2 guys at once but at my age, its not wise to put all your eggs in one basket abegi. If any one feels like 'YIMUing' me, na u sabi jor. You are probably wondering if i sleep with the 2 of dem and the answer will be made clear shortly.
Ok, let name my 2 BFs as Dan and Ken. I actually prefer Dan, he was my first eva love (wateva dat means mehn). We dated some years ago and broke it off a couple of times. We recently got back fully (I hope) and we are trying to see if the next level is doable.
Ken however, iv known longer dan Dan. I neva liked him initially cos I thot he was one of these igbotic bros of mine dat speak bad english (it was actually d unattraction dat deafened me cos his English is good and he is clean and good looking sef). See ehhh, Ken contacted me last year after years of no contact and said he wanted to make us work. So as a nice single babe dat I was, I sharply obliged. I weighed my options. Ken is from a wealthy home, has a good job and all and drives clean rides. I tend to throw love out the window wen shopping for a prospective 'husband' cos i want someone dat can give me a good life and ofcos affection is important. See ehhh, Ken is like a robot. Permit me to mention d fact that he is STINGY, can u beliv dat his 1naira has neva touched my palm b4 (my mumuness is hoping dat he will change after marriage, correct YIMU 2 me). Dis guy Ken is so stiff dat 2 pay me a compliment or call or even check up on me is a no no. He is a typical Igbo man dat wants to lord over a woman so that his opinion is final (I'm sure u are wondering why I'm wasting my time with dis baga). He is just my plan B jor. The one I'll just hav to manage if Dan doesn't represent (ders a plan C sha but he is carrying last cos he already has a son from anoda woman and me I want to hav my husband's 1st son jor, inheritance matter dey). Can u believe dat since dis Ken tried to rekindle our so called love last year my brethrens, we haven't seen eye to eye? He keeps saying he is coming and d coming neva reach. I always suggest I b the one to visit him since he lives in anoda state but there is always one excuse or the other. We hav broken up like 1 billion times cos of this issue but each time I wake up and remember he is my plan B (very important).lol. I haven't slept with Ken since we rekindled last year over the fone ( i dont claim to be a saint or anything, im sure we wud hav slept 2geda if he was actually here).
On d other hand, I make sweet love to Dan *fans self* wooooooooooowwww!
Sooooooooo lol, Dan Dan Dan. Mmmmmm. Fine boy to the surest (it bothers me a lot dat thirsty bitches wud want wats mine). If this guy uses his mouth to romance u ehh, u will hav no choice but to trip. Our love was so strong wen we met some years ago and I actually thot that was it, we were definitely going to get married but it neva happened. There was a problem of distance and some very stupid things I did (dis will be revealed in another post). Let's just say, we neva worked out. He thot I was dating some other guy while he wasn't around and I also heard he was flaunting a babe which we both denied. The truth is dat I was seeing some guys since Dan decided to leave me to wait for him and roast here (imagine), did I sleep with dem? Mmmmmmmmm. Moving on.. For d past year now, Dan has been making efforts to get back with me and ofcos I accepted to try and work it out (old age palava, desperado tinz lol). I really love dat guy sha. Dan also has potentials for a husband. He makes money (any which way), he is really caring and can provide for me. I like him a lot.
Ok, let me stop here so as not to confuse u guys any further.
Both my BFs are here to stay till I get d ring on my finger. Hopefully from Dan ofcos.
I want this blog to also serve as my journey to getting the ring. I'll b updating my ups and downs with Dan and Ken so keep checking.
So u c y its actually reasonable to have 2 boyfriends? Oh I sure do.
Till my next post.
Ps- I'm still trying 2 get a hang of how to use these blogging features. Mmmmmmm


  1. lol you are funny and I'l be reading :D

  2. Hahaha....now this is some real shit mehn!...Hmmm...keep them post coming....I think I am gonna add your blog to my list...Let's see how this goes eh?

  3. Hmmmm. U r funny and entertaining! Bookmarked!!

  4. interesting.....hmmmn

  5. Hahhahah this is more like it. Joor!!!always have a plan B,C. To Z sef

  6. hmmmm... as for Ken... he does not love u ooo.

    pls leave him and focus on Dan.