Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Cry baby!!

I don't know if my own tears are in excess or there's something in me dat produces so much water dat can only b released as tears..

I c a chicken wif a bad leg, I cry..
U scream at me, I cry
I argue, i cry........
U do something nice 4 me I cry....
I watch '3 Idiots', I cry.....
And iv watched 3 idiots like 100000000 times ehhh and I neva get tired..
For those dat hav watched it, let me tell u d parts dat made me cry..
Wen Rancho ( main guy) took Raju's dad 2 d hospital with Pia's scooter and Raju got vexed abt d use of a scooter, Rancho den asked him if he wud have preferred they sent his dad 2 d hospital thru a delivery service ...dat made me laff so hard.. lmaooooo. Then a Doctor and a nurse (I think) went past discussing on how d old man wud hav lost his life if he wasn't brought 2 d hospital wen he was. Immediately Raju heard dis, he started crying and i cried 2. I cried so hard wen he ran 2 hug Rancho..chai..*crying* If u c me crying ehhhhh.. I cried more than d 2 of den.
See ehhh.. I always watch that movie alone so I can cry to my fill.
I also cried wen Raju jumped from d window, wen  Pia's sister was giving birth, wen Rancho was given d 'pen', wen that guy committed suicide, wen Farhan's dad agreed 4 him 2 go into Photography instead of Engineering and wen Raju got d job.
Gosh..I can fill a bucket with tears with that movie..

Hopefully my biggest cry will b wen that diamond ring hits my finger and I scream YES! or wen my babies r born!

Till my next post.......


  1. Were cried at exactly same parts! Will watch it again when I get home.

  2. Haven't watched it before...
    But your posts are really funny..lol

  3. The only time i felt like crying during that movie was during the delivery....

  4. Exactly!
    Those are exactly the parts where I cried. I love that movie die.
    Even watched it again two days ago, and cried some more.
    Friendship like that, is very rare.