Sunday, 1 March 2015

My Beef with the Almighty 'Red Velvet Cake'

I don't know if you know this by now but Google is my BFF (Best Friends Forever), Best Buddy...Bestie...yeh we roll like that!

Why am I claiming Google? Bcos its just so efficient and it made getting proof for this my beef sooooo easy.

See ehhhhh, Iv always wandered what makes Red Velvet Cakes (RVC) so special that it makes Aa lot of people go gaga

Don't get me wrong, I love cakes....any kind actually, as long as it doesn't have those annoying Raisins or Fresh Fruits in/on them......Raisins are so are Mince Pies! *shudders* 

So i decided to google RVC recipe and compared at least 10 of them to find out what could possibly make RVC so distinct in taste from any plain o'l cake. The recipe was the usual cake ingredients..flour, eggs, milk, sugar...blah blah surprises there.. 

And then there's the 'Red colouring'!

Ok now I noticed the mixture of 'Cocoa Powder' and 'Vanilla flavour' in some recipes but that surely doesnt still restrict such a combination to just the RVC cos anyone can easily combined the Cocoa Powder and Vanilla without adding the red colouring and it wud still taste just like the RVC since the 'Red olouring' has NO taste!.........Shey u guys get me?

Its just like using a Pink or Blue colouring in cake batter and calling it 'Pink Turnup cake' or 'Blue bae cake'...the only remarkable difference being the colours while they both taste exactly the same.
People make it seem like there's a distinct taste assigned to just RVCs. Cake colourings arnt 'flavours' so they have NO taste unlike Chocolate or Strawberry flavours for example which actually have distinct tastes. Since there's no such thing as a 'Red Velvet Flavour' then wat makes it unique besides the colour?........grrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh!! 

It just confuses me joor! One wud think there was some kind of Red Stuff like a fruit or vegetable that provides its tastes like a Tomato or Beet Root....

Finally, RVC is just cake with a 'Red colour' and there's the cream frosting which can be used on any other kind of cake.

Ok, is it the 'velvety' look of the cake?....but all cakes look velvety anyway regardless of its colour....*rolling my eyes*

Till my next post.......


  1. I see google didn't suffice to quench your inquisitiveness, perhaps you might want to ask peeps who bake cakes if it is still pressing for you to know. Happy New Month of March

    1. Yeh..I might just have to shey?. Happy new month! :D

  2. My dear nothing extra oh, just like you noticed, its just the colouring that gave it all that plenty sexy name.

    1. Ehennnnnn..I thot as much...
      Tanx 4 stopping by Lohlla :D