Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Cat Fish Battle

See ehhhhh...I used to 'carry last' when it came to eating Catfish with other people at an Eat-Out....I'm not talking abt Catfish pepper soup ooooo...I'm talking grilled Catfish...the type they prepare at joints with chips and coleslaw wrapped in a foil.......yes that type.
But I can sha craze for that fish ehhhhh...chai!..especially the 'head'..all the soft bones and juicy-yummy-goodness cooked up in the fish head....chaiiiii...OMG!

Anywayzzzz...when i'm hanging out and there's a group...it automatically means the Catfish ration will be shortened...the thing can like to so vex me ehhhh and since each person can't order a fish 2 him/herself cos one person can't finish a whole one...we have no choice but 2 share.

Before before I used to do 'ajeburra' a.k.a 'too much forming' when the sizzling fish arrives...I wud normally start by picking and nibbling on the chips (that was wen I was still a leaner)....before u say Jack...half the fish is gone and I end up eating absolutely nothing cos the other grubbidos have devoured everything....these ppl don't even pause to chew and swallow before digging in again..once they fill their mouths, their fingers are back in for the next take....mstchewwwww!!

On one of such occasions, one of the guys pulled me aside and whispered a handy advice to me on how to tackle this whole Cat fish debacle.....he said 'Realness sweetie...shy matter no dey when it concern fish ....no1 cares how seductive you look chewing on the chips or how long you pause in btwn takes....infact they are glad you aint shortening their ration my dear'.....

So my dear brethren those days are well behind me. I have thrown all caution 2 the damn wind and made away with my 'shyness' or is it 'buttiness'?.....mehn iv decided 2 always win me a Catfish battle o jare.

Once the fish arrives like this ehhhh...I mark my territory by sitting up and opening the fish to allow air enter and cool it off (cos its usually oh so sizzling hot)...while I'm in this act...I'm preventing the other grobbidos from touching that particular area. Once I'm done opening up the fish (in a matter of seconds ofcos)...the digging in starts...I do the '3 in 1'...that is combining the Fish, Chips and Coleslaw 2geda...lol......... I sha make sure I eat 2 my satisfaction...fuck whoeva's watching...iv been slacking for 2 long... now is my time 2 shine!

Disassembling the Catfish head is the best part for me...sucking on all the juice and yumminess ehhhhhh....*shivers*....so damn yummy...mmmmmm.

P.s- i only battle with the fish head when im in the midst of trusted certain kind of people. People i know are not capable of pouring sand sand in my garri....those that are used to taking my embarrassments and vice versa....u get me??

Till my next post..........


  1. hahaha.. im still in that shy phase oo.. i just took a hint from u.. lol.

    1. lol....u r still taking baby steps...u r almost there.