Thursday, 5 March 2015

Some Dark Skinned Ladies Seriously Need To Take A Chill Pill...

Let me bash Dark Skinned Ladies (DSL) for once since some of them are always quick to blab abt Light Skinned Ladies (LSL) and their feeling of being superior!

'Some' Dark Skinned Ladies always play the victims when it comes to skin preference. Me I see it the other way round.

I feel Light Skinned Ladies are the real victims here!....yeh you heard ryt!!

Everywhere you hear 'insecure' DSL moaning and sulking that guys prefer light skinned babes just cos of the colour of their skin blah blah blah...oh plsssssss....its getting real boring...yawnsssssssss...

Some DSL with crazy low self esteem go as far as saying the typical....' Oh all LSL bleach' or ' they wudnt even be pretty one bit if they were dark skinned'....gooosh!!...really?

Why do DSL turn up their noses at LSL and even go as far as bashing? Besides the fact that sum ignorant females bleach..there are still a lot of naturally light skinned ones who inherited the skin colour from their ancestors abeg...whose fault is dat??.*smh*

So DSL.... I say enough of trying 2 make urselves feel better by picking on LSL just bcos that's what ignorant men prefer...why not go ahead and bash the men then and leave LSL alone 4 goodness sake! 

What's the fuss abt DSL and LSL sef? I have seen the blackest of babes happily Spoken For without a care in the world.....

DSL abeg all your soppy..pity pity stories needs to STOP! Throw ur insecurities out the window...'Beauty isn't graded by Skin Colour' you hear?...make person hear word!

Which one is now the #TeamLightskin vs #TeamDarkSkin again??....very laughable...lmao *speak 2 the hands*


Till my next post.....

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