Friday, 16 January 2015

My name is Realness and I'm an addict....

They say the 1st step in overcoming an addiction is 2 admit it..but in this case I DO NOT want a cure 4 dis particular addiction.. not bcos I'm deceiving myself but bcos it isn't a do or die.

I am addicted 2 MEAT!

Yes meat!..of any kind except ofcos snake or dog or frogs or any other weird animals.
As long as its beef, mutton, chicken, duck, turkey, pomo, shaki, roundabout, liver, kidney, heart, intestine, pork...u name it I will eat.

If I was presented with a plate of Jollof rice plus 2 pieces of meat vs a plate of 10 pieces of assorted meat...I will choose d later without a blink of an eye.

I also love Sea, octopus, squid, mussles, d lot!!....anything fleshy and edible..I'm game.
The way I crave meat ehhhhh...sometimes I just fantasize abt it and if I need it and can't have it...the twitching and convulsion just kidding.

Sometimes I just boil/grill chicken, plenty of it and keep in d fridge for snacking. I cant really go a day without my meat.
If I'm ordering food at work, there has to be at least 4 pieces of meat and a fish with like N50 rice just for the sake of it.

Since I eat meals very high in protein and less carbs, why den doesn't the weight disappear? *sobs*

My meat addiction is one which I enjoy being addicted 2. Its an acceptable addiction..

Till my next post...

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