Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Met this babe during NYSC camp and we clicked.. maybe cos of the whole IJGBs (I just got back) stuff..lol... she lived abroad as well.

We became quite close even after we left service.

Fast forward to about a year and a half later, she called me that she was engaged. I had already left the state which we served by then but she still lived there so I didn't know who the guy was since she was dating another guy last I heard.

I was very happy for her and ofcos asked her for all d details. Where they met, how and where he proposed, where he is from, his age, where he worked and what he looked like. She gave me his name and asked me to check him out on facebook. I quickly rushed 2 FB and checked him out. He was ok looking and short compared to the other people in his pics. After checking him out I sent him a friend's request as per my new brother in-law tinz.

My brothers and sisters..some hours later she called me and said she saw the friend's request I sent. I said to who? She said she has her fiance's FB password and she saw my request. Her tone alone sef ehhhhh just shocked me. This babe was practically accusing me of something. I asked what her point was and she said she doesn't want her friends being FB friends with her husband and I shudnt have sent any re

Chai!!quest and that her mother adviced her on such and blah blah blah...as per warning.

Insult!!............... Tufia!

See ehhh.. All d time I had known this girl, I don't believe I had shown signs of boyfriend snatching. For the fact that she believes my sending a Friend's request to her man means something else then our way of thinking was actually on two opposite ends.
Or it cud be that her fiance has shown signs of philandering...I can't tell.

This same babe had actually dated someone that was after me while we were serving, although she didn't meet d guy while he was toasting me, but the guy told her he knew me wen he saw she and i together. Its not even snatching in anyway but that's the closest we've eva got to dating the same guy even thou I didn't date him.

You get my drift?

Wat now warranted dis babe to even think that I wud involve in some FB craziness with her man??..buhahahahahahahaha...I don suffer.
My dear ppl if I describe this her husband ehhhhh...d guy is ok looking but not even anywhere near my spec. First of, he is SHORT...my shoulder height-ish... and he is light skinned (which im not a fan of)...this babe knew my spec down 2 the T so what entered her brain 2 think that a simple friends's request will turn in2 a full blown romance with her husband for that matter...a fucking midget!! Smh

That whole stuff pissed me off ehhhhh..

But guess what...I still bought aso ebi, paid tailor, made my hair, traveled to the East to attend her traditional marriage. I had to put up a front and just go although I had already made up my mind on what to do.

Wen I got back to my town I cancelled that friendship. It felt like nothing, if someone I consider a true friend could think a FB request means snatching her midget then that's not friendship in my opinion....me that I hardly have friends sef.....mstcheww..

She called me to be her maid of honour for her white wedding and expected me to buy dress, hair, flight ticket to & fro, hotel accommodation, feeding and the lot after accusing me....she must have lost her damn mind. I can go all out for someone's event but not when you cease to mean anything to me or worse insult me...gaddammmmmnn!! No way!
I told her I won't be coming cos I won't be in the country then......this was said without any malice whatsoever....good riddance..

All contact has since been lost and I could hardly care less......thats one less stress for me o jare..

Till my next post......


  1. hmmmm.... its just misunderstanding...... but u are at fault sha... u for tell am first..
    by d way... u know how to yab oo

  2. Remarkable how easy we seem to let go of friendship with just the slightest of misunderstandings.

    Granted she is at fault, but I think you can talk to her and clear up the air with the fact that you had honest intentions with your facebook request. Maybe she or her mum had experienced a number of close relationships crumbling based on facebook interactions.

    All the best

  3. I know I'm guilty of not making effort wen it comes to friends (which iv improved on btw) but if I had continued that friendship then she wudnt be comfortable with me around her hubby. Can't live like that.
    Friendship is like a relationship without sex. Lack of TRUST means doom!

  4. The things gals do cos of a guy!!!
    I ve a frnd dt ceased talking to me cos her bf sent a request to me on fb and sent a bbm invite(which I told her b4 accepting) and Ryt now she accuses of me of trying to snatch her bf
    I totally understand him nt being ur spec cos my Ex frnds bf is nt in my league whatsoever and as per trying to talk tins out, it doesn't work cos she has her opinion already formed

    Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

  5. I think u r blowing things out of proportion....ur friend is not perfect and she is allowed to make mistakes that doesn't mean she doesn't trust u.....infacT for her to ask u to be her maid of honour says it all. friendship can't work without constant forgivness. I know u had the best intenTion when u asked for fb request but u shouldn't have sraright away like that. Anyways she couldn't have been that much of a close friend if she isn't worth fightin for.