Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My Relationship Status

I went on a date last night and yes I know there's the Surest boy Dan, the annoying Ken who I have put on 'pause'.........can u imagine this Ken thinks I'm here waiting for him and weneva his little brain finally wants 2 settle down, he will press my button and I will jump? He is on a longgggggggg tin...dat guy is dense sha!
Plan C has been terminated unfortunately..... he didn't pass d test. Bye bye Plan C..

Since I haven't been officially proposed to, I consider myself SINGLE and available 2 mingle. No1 and I repeat NO ONE can stop me till u get serious and claim me joor! I am off d market once I get the rock...till den...yawnzzzzz..zzzzzzzzzz!!

Dating tires me out and bores the fuck out of me. All that giggling and pretence, trying 2 please...(not from my end obviously). I was very bored joor and needed liquor in my system 2 distract me from d day's activities, so I agreed 2 d date. And cos I knew I wud get d best of everything cos dats just how 1st dates go, d guy wud want 2 impress and buy u expensive wine and food 2 show off. I might as well enjoy it abi?. On d second date its either u meet in his house or a hotel 2 compensate 4 d expensive Champagne and food. Afterall nothing comes 4 free.
Ofcos I wudnt have gone if Dan was in town....just out of respect oooo...wudnt want distractions wen I'm trying 2 eat my catfish pepper soup or isi ewu...noooooooo sir!!!..

Let me tell u, if any1 asks if I'm committed, I always say NO (which is d truth)...why wud I want 2 block my future husband or pour sand sand inside my gari?.....for wat na? I dey mad? What if dis person wants me or wants 2 hook me up nko for sharp sharp marriage tinzzzz?..abeg ooo. I'm very open minded as it is.

P.S- Dan speaks Spanish as well as Igbo ofcos. I love it wen he starts a message with Halo Amo or Te amo or Mi amo or however d hell u spell dem Spanish words. (I wud rush 2 google translator 4 d meanings ofcos) Its so so sweet........ BUT since wen has Sweetness or Spanish got someone to the Alter or supplied 100 tubers of yam as per part of bride price list ehhhh?..msctewwwwwww!!

Infact I'm pissed............


  1. Lol..im feeling u chic! Im almost in the same boat as u! Sometimes I wish life would be less complicated!