Saturday, 24 January 2015

Parents that take their kids to 'Joints' a.k.a 'Beer parlours'

A lot of changes are happening in my life right now and they are not so good news but I can't talk abt them now.. that's why I don't really blog in 'real time' so that monitoring spirits will not fish me'm going to blog abt these happenings but I'll just give it a space of weeks or months lol..iv already thought it out...

Anywayzzzzzz...dats by the way..

Story story storrrrrryyyyyyy....

So I was out the other night with the same guy dat took me 2 the strip club, this guy obviously loves going to places where girls shake their 'bum bum'...well it was a joint with the obvious very loud music, scantily dressed girls, alcohol, chops, smokers everywhere and a live band with 3 girls in crop-tops and extremely tight leggings gyrating to the music. Lets just say it was an ADULT scene..
We were well into it for about an hour when a couple walked in with their kid who looked abt 2years old. Did I mention that it was some minutes to 10pm? Yep...u heard right!

The couple with their kid took a seat very close to the gyrating 'bum bums' and mega speakers....but dats not even d issue here....ladies and gentlemen the issue here is that this couple felt it was appropriate to bring their child to such a place, shudnt dis baby be fast asleep at that time? Arnt kids supposed to be in bed by 7pm? Na wa oooooo! You might say, a 2yrs old isn't aware of happenings around him but besides d 'bum bums', what abt the smoke inhalation or the eardrum bursting music?...ehen you see?
Iv seen this happen a number of times in this country when I go out at night to very private ADULT hangouts! I try to find reasons for this but I just can't. Sometimes I see older kids within the ages of 7-14 come with their parents...such kids are obviously aware of their surroundings, hearing nasty music and seeing vibrating bumbums isn't just appropriate. Yeh they might already see such on TV and on the internet when their parents arnt there but I feel its wrong when parents intentionally take their kids to places were alcohol and cigarette, weed or wateva smoking is flying no no...smh

Kids entertainment I believe should be done before 6pm but if its a late dinner then a restaurant is O.k. There are truck loads of eateries in this country....chai I'm dreaming of Domino's Pizza and Coldstone ice cream...shiverrrssss...I actually ate a whole medium sized extraveganza Pizza and red velvet, vanilla, coconut and oreo topping ice cream combo in a chocolate topped cone some nights ago...goooooosssssshhhhh! I enjoyed it ehhhh!! I just crept in2 my room, triple bolted the door and dug in while undressing! Chai... I enjoyed it was a free meal and I don't like disappointing ppl by rejecting an offer...I really don't like hurting ppl's feelings so I accepted the free meal, *yimu*....good news is that I'm still trying to lose weight sha...yehhhh 4 me!!...

Sorry I digressed..

Ok, as I was saying.. It irks me to see parents come to 'joints' at night sometimes by 11pm with their kids!! Wat da hell? Lmaoooooo...I just remebered one occasion like dis ehhh, I was hanging out on a weekend around that kind 9pm and a couple sat at the next table....they had a baby who was abt 8months old or so and a housegirl was with them too (I assumed it was their housegirl cos her hair was in low cut, smallish and wearing a housegirl-ish dress attending to d baby's needs)... I laughed so hard wen d housegirl started shaking her body slowly to the music and even singing along in a low voice, it was so funny bcos she kept 'checking herself out' like when a fine babe is making sure she looks fab cos a guy somewhere is checking her out!! Sorry but it was 2 funny....I screamed with laughter..lmao

I still sha don't agree with kids being exposed to loud music, smoking, alcohol, scantily dressed ladies and even guys smooching their babes in public at ungodly hours...that's why its called Adult time. Leave ur babies at home with your housegirls or relatives and don't step out at night if no one is available 2 mind the kids....Its just irresponsible in my book.

Till my next post...


  1. I share your sentiments. Sometimes I fear for the crop of children and younger generation been reared these days especially with the pervasive nature of adult forms of entertainment.

    Its sad when parents who are supposed to be the first set of role models to these budding generation not only condone, assent and even rubber stamp such form of 'enjoyment'. The consequence of these seemingly trivial acts over the years is usually enormous and quite difficult to change because then, the children of yesterday would be adults fully immersed and addicts of adult entertainment.

    I guess it is up to me and you, to create awareness, sensitize and also educate the public on this ill. Just maybe, the government might enact laws to curtail this 'evil'

  2. nawa oooo.... some people just do things to the extreme.. how can you take kids to a club.... the society is just polluted.