Thursday, 8 January 2015

This guy at work that does NOTHING!!!

So like i said b4, we've had some goings-on happening at work. Some reshuffling and terminations.

Quite a few people were terminated including some who were of Management level and have been with the company for 10-15 yrs.
These terminations came unannounced and it shook everyone. Almost all d people that had to go had major day to day roles in building the Org.....

But this ONE guy wasn't terminated.......

See eh.... dis guy comes to work around 11am while every other person resumes at 8am, he just strolls in and sits by d reception area. His designation is Patrol Officer. He would then step out occasionally to have breakfast, lunch and a bit of a stroll to stretch his legs. He is back again on his seat, gists a little, looks into space, reads the day's newspaper and dozes off a couple of times.

Closing time is 6pm but the guy leaves around dat kind 3pm.

Now u would think that this guy will be one of the first people to receive a letter seeing as he is jobless...but NO he didn't get anything. Infact, the management doesn't even discuss him, as in complain that he does nothing and is not useful. Its like there is a code or something not to talk about him. I just don't understand. Is it that he has some kinda connection up in d food chain... Someone  with a 'high rank' like a relative that just wants him to leave d house everyday and earn a salary?

That's the only explanation i can give this situation. Anybody iv asked is lost just like i am.....mmmm

Till my next post..............


  1. Depends on what your organisation does. The guy in question might be extremely useful. I know of a guy that barely worked but had the ear of the company's president. So he always got valuable information to his manager and the manager was always able to act appropriately. So while some of his colleagues thought he was useless, he was actually their most valuable asset because they were never affected by budget cuts, layoffs etc.

    So this guy's actual value might not lie in actual work.

    1. mmmmmm......u just got me thinking Mrs...I neva quite thought of it that way. Its actually very possible. Nice one Pynk.