Thursday, 15 January 2015

Goat blood was yummy!!

When we were younger and slaughter a Goat during festivities, the blood was usually poured into the Goat skin, held 2geda with an intestine or was it a piece of string?..can't remember.
It was then boiled till it dis point, the colour turns from blood red to a dark red.
It was then removed from the skin cover, allowed to cool and cut into pieces which would then be used as part of d ngwongwo aka orisirisi aka assorted meat in preparing isi ewu (goat-head delicacy).

Hold up.....I know some of you are probably puking right now or squeezing up your faces in una sabi jare..never condemn till u try it. Tasting is believing.

The thing is that boiled Goat blood in isi ewu... massaged with that finger licking sauce tasted just like meat and you wudnt even know the difference.

Its not as if the blood is consumed in its raw form...wateva was sha tasty. The thought of it now is soooo yuckyyyyy sef...ewwwwwwwww!!

Would I be caught dead trying it again? Maybe.....Yes! lol.

Feel free to use the above recipe....don't worry i wont charge...buhahahahahhahha...

Till my next post....

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