Sunday, 4 January 2015


What I'm about 2 say is just like my 'secret Atheism-thing' and wud neva pass my lips. It will forever remain inside me.

I'm well aware dat people cheat. I have never 4 once agreed to d fact dat a person shud get married and henceforth will only have SEX with dat one partner for eva and eva...NO!

I understand it sounds like d right thing 2 do cos of vows and blah blah blah...but let's get real..why wud u want to live years and years without enjoying varieties b4 leaving dis earth?? Oh please!!... Just like I don't believe in judgement day or heaven or earth or wateva...der is no reward for abstinence abeg (neither is der 4 virginity).

I always tell guys dat one of d worst things dey can do 2 me is CHEAT...If my spouse cheats on me, I will RAKE and RAISE HELL. I might even break a Plasma TV, crush his PS, windscreen or move in2 a 5 star hotel 4 a week for added effect (enjoying d buffet ofcos) but all dat na SHOW. On d outside, I want d man 2 believe I won't take such bullshit but cheating wudnt even make my heart skip, NOT ONE BIT!. 

I wudnt walk out of a marriage just becos a guy put his dick in anoda pot ...cmonnnnn! Is it even remotely possible 2 b married 4 say 40yrs and not try other honeypots??..really??.. 

BUT if d 'dick- putting' extends 2 dat of a relative den dat I won't take 4 real but wen its a friend or colleague or whoever den 2 hell with him. This life is 2 short 4 stress abeg. 

The most important thing is dat d guy has a brain and a half 2 always protect himself during these escapades.

Wat will irk me d most is if my partner impregnates a bitch.. Oh hell nooooo.

Just like I said...dis remains with me and SHALL NOT PASS MY LIPS..imagine telling a guy I don't mind if he cheats..I'll just b shooting myself in d leg. So my lips r well sealed...

I'm not saying I will cheat or none but if it so happens dat my partner cudnt control himself and cheating happens den I'll act accordingly....

Till my next post..


  1. Lol ur jes too fckin real fo ma likin but am luvin u all d same

  2. Hmmm... I beg to disagree on this one o Real. Me, I mind well well; but if he has to (which is very likely) he should make sure I don't find out and he had better wrap up that dick while dicking around

    1. Oh its perfectly alryt 2 disagree ZinZin and u are so ryt...he beta make real sure I NEVER find out.