Monday, 12 January 2015

Seat Belt Palava!!

Oh been so so so busy and all, this nonsense job with its annoying salary is taking up my time. Infact I'm on d hunt 4 a new one sef. I shud b able 2 spend a weekend in Malta or Turkey at least once a month if thats what I fancy....don't roll ur eyes...its possible guys!


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a seat belt issue in dis nation.

See ehh........ once I enter a car and my yansh touches d seat, my hand automatically goes 2 d seat belt by default. Sometimes I don't even know when I do it. Its like reflex, I can't control it. My system has been programmed in such a way that cars and seat belts go hand in hand. Sometimes I get a stare and a giggle and of cos d famous line ''but you are just going down d street why wear your seat belt''?............ I'm like 'huh'?
So seat belts are now for wen you r going far or on d express road? Bloody ignorant..*eyes rolling'*
Whenever I get such a comment and I have d time or I'm in a good mood I take a deep ass breath and do my mini lecture.
I'm speaking abt dis now cos same thing was said 2 me last night..imagine!

Storry story storrryyyyyy..................Ok I'm kidding... no story 2day..hehehehehe. I just like saying that 'tales by moonlight' story story stuff. Good ol' memories ehhh..

A seat belt is a safety device that acts as a human protector in reducing injury or death against harmful movements such as a minor or major accident.

So my brothers and sisters, you cud just be driving around your quiet boring neighbourhood and a lunatic could just slam you from behind or you lose control. Dats an accident. It could happen anytime, anywhere even at your doorstep.

 Even wen I'm in a commercial bus, d conductor will rake about wearing d seat belt only wen a road official is sighted...There was a time I sat in front of a bus and buckled my belt as per normal, when we had gone past some road officials, d conductor started unbuckling my seat belt for me as if he was doing me a favour! Imagine! As if trying 2 say 'hey sister u r free now, no1 is watching..u can now take d shackle off...... pop champagne if u may'.. Smh*
Wat about d buses with the non functioning seat belts...... the ones tied 2 the opposite end and all u have 2 do is bend ur kneck to get into it....its so tight to the point of choking........ or the ones that have a faulty buckle and all you have to do is cross it over and let it rest on you like it is actually buckled......all these in effort to deceive the road officials.......buhahahahahahhaha..I can't yo..

It takes seconds 2 buckle up and it also takes nothing from you. I know death is inevitable but can we just do the little we can if possible 2 postpone it? lol..I know..

P.s- Dis is not a seat belt advert or none.......i really wish!!

Till my next post..........................


  1. lol.. i dont like using oo.. but my car always makes one anoying noise wen u dont put on d belt.

    i hate the front seats of commercial buses o. i prefer second row and i hate d first row to bcos drivers have turned it into their screwdriver and rag store... annoying..

    1. Ese Ese.... use ur seat belt oooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. tales by moonlight... i miss those evenings when we were young.

    i wonder what kids watch now sef... no saturday morning cadbury breakfast