Friday, 2 January 2015

Attending weddings!

HAPPY NEWYEAR guys.. May 2015 b more fruitfull than last year.

Been a Busy Bee lately and it even gets busier...a lot of changes going on at work and all dat...Anywayzzzzz...

I had abt 12 weddings to attend for d end of dis year, that's Nov-Dec 2014. Some clashed and guess how many I attended... Wait 4 it.....ONE!
Didn't even attend that of my next-door neighbor whose ceremony venue was like 2 stone throws away from my house. I just hid inside, ordered Pizza and wallowed in my own company..smh...

I buy Aso ebi oooo knowing fully well I won't attend. I was supposed to attend one last Friday & Saturday... and another high society one coming up 2moro but no attendance.
I can't really explain dis....maybe its d thought that I'll b attending all these weddings and ppl glaring at me asking me wen it'll b my turn or is it my shyness?? Can't place a finger on it..a lot of times I don't understand myself... I know dis attitude its not nice at all.

2moro's wedding is of a friend who I went 2 college with..she is amazing, she has sent my I.V and expecting me there. Can't I just lie that I was there and her mermaid gown courtsy BBM updates was just fabulous! Then she'll say ''oh how come I didn't c u'' and i'll say 'oh how would u wen u were obviously having d time of your'

I really need 2 snap out of dis, I don't like dis my attitude one bit.
At dis rate no1 wud even attend my own wedding. *sobs*...

I don't even have friends dat I wud use as bridesmaid...most r married and not in d country..anyway I never wanted a bridal train... Just a maid of honour. I'm not one 2 make fusses ...I wud like a nice quiet wedding with d bulk of money spent on my honeymoon.. at least 3 blissss....

Till my next post....


  1. Happy new year Real, keep em posts coming!

  2. Happy new year Amaka and ZinZin. Thanks 4 coming.