Monday, 8 December 2014

1st post! FINALLY! 8/12/2014

Ok, im not one to talk 2 much (might write epistles thou) or complete my words. I'll be writing in short forms a lot and just to make it clear, im not a professional writer nor am i looking to be. I just need to put my REAL life out there. No bullshiting, simple honesty at its peek. I want this blog to be like a dairy with random updates.
I think my life is WEIRD and i'm curious to know if der r others like me.
Lets make this happen!!!
PS- this babe is going to be ANONYMOUS. Oooops, sorry! No identity reveal watsoeva.
Enjoy the ride.


  1. Glad to be your first comment/follower, just promise me you wouldn't stop writing.

  2. Okay...I am the second follower.....My!!!...I am still reading your posts tho' buh woah!!!!...I am loving it here...Hiya mamacita!...

    Tibs Tells Tales

  3. yeah we want to know the face behind the 3rd follower.

  4. I'm here too..... Please don't stop writing o

  5. Hey Nessi!Hiii
    I'm the 5th...6th?
    I see 1/4 of my blog fam here.Hiya fam :D
    Welcome to blogosphere.

  6. Yehhhhhhhh *dancing* i have comments ooo. Excited much! Thank u so much guys. i appreciate ur checking in. lol White diamond i like my new name 'Nessi' already. I really hope i can keep up with dis. Thank you again.