Tuesday, 16 December 2014


I have friends but I don't make effort 2 give dem time and needed attention like calling, visiting and lending a listening ear, I just can't be bothered (like a 1 sided relationship) but I REALLY do want to improve., no man is an island.
Sum1 else takes all of my attention and I just love giving it. That person is ME! I just love MYSELF. I'm best in my own company, I show excess attention 2 myself, I take good care of myself, I feed myself tastefully and so many other things. I cud be locked up in my room 4 a whole month and not need company as long as my internet is well subscribed, my lappy is fully charged and I'm well stocked up with enough food. Wen I'm bored with my company (hardly eva) I engulf myself with day dreams. I cud really give a shit abt the world at moments like these.
I can't help dat I get bored easily. A lot of ppl bore me dats y I don't bother (or mayb I'm just full of myself) *Rme*
Ofcos I'm trying 2 snap out of dis cos wen I get married, my attention can't b on myself alone.
I'm also making effort 2 give more attention 2 my friends, make dem feel special, text, call, chat *just typing dis alone is sapping my energy*...I'll start with dis female neighbour of mine who I always meet at d bus top in d mornings. Shez always smiling at me and saying hi, I think she is shy and I will TRY 2 make convo with her. Hopefully shez one of those who is comfortable wen I get quiet. Some ppl just can't handle a bit of silence, dey must always yap away!! *annoying*
Let's c how dis goes ehh!Wish me luck!
Im an INTROVERT, believe it or not and it is by choice.


  1. Mehnnnnn I feel you on the enjoying your own company part..... I love ME too but we all need friends