Saturday, 20 December 2014

Went 2 a STRIP CLUB last nyt!

Mmmmmmmm.... So 4 d 1st time in my life, I went 2 a strip club. Dis was last nyt. Beliv it or not, it was on my bucket list. See ehhh, dis guy dat I met a couple of months ago got in2 d country 4 xmas and he insisted we hang out yesterday. I met up with him after work and we had a couple of drinks and a roasted 'point n kill' (cat fish). Yuuummmmmmmmm... Wen he was driving me home, we went past a club and he asked if I had eva seen naked girls dance.. I said NO! He suggested he picks me up in 2hrs so I cud experience it. I jumped at it, infact I was so curious and excited. Yehhhhhhhh me! 2hrs later, I'm all dressed and ready 2 hit d club. Gosh I was so nervous ehh. Wat if a family member or colleague sees me, wat will I say? Mmmmmm, well wat wr dey also doing der sef mstchewwwww!. My bobo 4 d nyt paid 2k 4 d both of us and in we went. First thing I saw wr girls, girls, girls in lingerie. One of dem was werking d only pole in d club. She was in d process of taking off her bra. I took a look around and naked girls were everywr on randy men, 1 was vibrating her ass in a guy's face, anoda was playing wif her V in plain view of everyone, one was on her head her ass in d air twerking, one was on d floor legs wide open using her fingers 2 widen her V (I think d guys she was displaying 4 requested dat) others were either dancing solo or giving lap dances (dry humping). These men were allowd 2 squeeze boobs and touch d V. I was really expecting 2 c dirty girls and a punani-stinking room but 2 my surprise d girls wr clean and d room was properly ventilated, so no foul smell whatsoever. There wr a lot of skinny ones with barely-der boobs and one orobo. The orobo was actually very good at wat she does. This whole situation was a new experience 4 me. Ppl around me wr acting like all des acts wr normal, mayb cos dey r der every weekend. D babe on d pole finally took everything off and was gyrating and sliding up and down d pole. Each stripper wud wipe d pole thoroughly with tissue paper for d next girl 2 use. Der was even a lady dat got 2 lapdances but she kept on resisting. D guy next 2 her whom I beliv is her boyfriend was d one requesting d dances 4 her. At 1st I thot she was a lesbian but d way she kept shooing d strippers off changed my mind. I quickly got bored jooor...after abt an hour. I don't know, mayb I was expecting more. I told my bobo 4 d nyt dat I had had enuff (Dan is on a business trip btw ). He wanted 2 wait 4 his friends so we cud all head down 2 anoda club but at almost 2am I was fagged out. I'm not judgemental of people not even prostitutes cos I don't know der situations. D only thing I had a problem with whether prostitutes or strippers is dat dey show der faces. I mean I cud hav recognised any of dos girls 2moro. If I was a pro or stripper, I'll definitely wear a disguise during my act. The shame alone ehhhhh..... In all, I'm glad I went. *ticks dat off my list*


  1. I want to go to a strip club oooooo

    1. lol..u guys need 2 experience it at least once. Oliver, sorry u find it difficult 2 comment, I'm really clueless as 2 how 2 make it easier 4 u. I'm willing 2 learn. Abbreviations just happen unconsciously 4 me, I'll improve. Thanks 4 visiting Esther *wink*

  2. Why is it so difficult to post a comment?

  3. I'll love to have an experience too one of theses days. Please try to write in full. The abbreviations...

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  5. Sorry meant *these* days. Typo iissh.