Wednesday, 10 December 2014


a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.
My name is Realness, and i am an Atheist, a SECRET atheist.
Its nothing new that in Nigeria that it is a sort of an abomination if u do not believe in God or Allah or wateva. I grew up a christian, of cos i had no choice when it came to choosing my belief regarding the kind of God or go i fancied and wanted to occupy myself with. I was just FORCED ryt into Christianity.
Growing up i dreaded going to church, sitting down, blank staring for hours and hours and listening to something i had no interest in. This led to my many day dreams (i will write on this in the furture).
i cant remeber wen exactly i started thinking deeply abt religion and its dept. 
I questioned a lot of things like:
-nobody has eva seen this God,  its just a fiction of imagination 
-the bible that is so strictly followed didnt drop out of heaven, clueless human beings actually wrote it, clueless bcos this person or persons weren't even in existence 1 million or so years ago wen Jesus or Moses or Adam and Eve were supposedly alive. 
-the different and updated versions of the bible (very laughable)
-d millions of churches opening up in Nigeria (where i live) with der laugable FAKE miracles, the churches that will ask u to bring 6 kolanuts and white hankies for deliverance lmao. Chai!
-shud i begin with the BRAINWASHING? Buhahahahahahahahh.. Religion is a brainwashing institution. Some ppl just get sucked in and the disease called ignorance overtakes dem dat they r too dumb to think for themselves. If u belive dat ur so -called God can hear ur heart, den why scream and jump about wen praying to him?
U know wat even irks me the most? the ignorant ppl that wait in hope that  a non existent being will magically put food on their table or money in there pockets or heal their headaches and malaria or put babies in their womb. Instead of getting their ass up to hustle, to the hospital or going ahead with that IVF, they foolishly and ignorantly WAIT for nothing. SAD.
I dont belive that there are supreme beings or a supreme being. I dont believe becos i havnt witnessed it and there is no proof of such. Even the ones that claim that der kids came out d womb with a rosary lol or a bible are all hogwash. SCAM!
I dont belive that der is an invisible being somewr that is listening to prayers and waving magic wands for happy eva afters.
I dont beliv in heaven or earth.
The only GOOD thing that has come out of religion (Christianity of cos) is the set rules of godly things we all can live with. At least these rules like the 10 commandments and such prevents SOME crazy ppl from acting the fool.
As at this my age, i haven't been convinced that der is a God. Ppl really need to wakeup.

PS- ofcos i can not argue these points in public or to my family, na to carry me go T.B Joshua or native doctor for deliverance be dat. lmao. Abeg oooooo


  1. I pray you have an experience with God that will change this whole perception and you will become a testimony to millions like you.

  2. Hmmmm...mami, I am not one to force religion down anyone's throat...I mean, whatever works for you right?.....Alrighty...More Posts mehn!!!

  3. hmmmmmmm! you remind me of my ex boyfriend! he is a chronic atheist. chai,he had this strong anglican background,ileft him because he is an atheist.
    truth be told,all this atheist usually have a goed heart compared to those carrying religion on their head.well who am i to judge.what ever rocks your boat dear.

  4. Can you see oxygen? If fakes of an item are vast, does it means there is no original? If no, does it mean they don't exist. Surely no, the fact that our conventional five senses do not sense a particular being, idea or substance does not mean its existence should be denied.
    Given, Religion is often times tantamount to brainwashing. True religion is a critical aspect of any subjects life and thus it directs, guides and influences one's life. The shouts and the screams don't disapprove of the existence of the other party as much as shouting at a parent or friend denies the latter's existence.
    To the contrary, being a christian does not excuse one from working or doing the needful. Anything short of that is just laziness (as the good Book aptly says, faith without works is dead).
    Last, He isn't an invisible being. He is visible and very much present in every human's daily life. He is present in that little baby's eyes crying for help, He is present in the true words of that friend that brings the much needed encouragement to that hurting soul, He is present in you hoping that one day, through your numerous experiences in life, you'd see and know that it is better living with him than against him. # A Struggling Christian.

    P.S - I believe we'd be hesitant to accept whatever God has to offer if he didn't step into humanity in the form of a man but say as a robot, or a perfect being. The twist there is that His essence never left and is still very much present.