Friday, 12 December 2014


My heartbeat races x100000000000000 wen I hear the word 'MEETING' as in sit-down meetings not going out and having a drink kind of meeting. I can't stand someone else talking for a long period of time, it makes me uncomfortable and nervous bcos I always feel like they will start insulting me or telling me off for for one thing or the other even thou I know d meeting isn't even remotely abt me or anywr related to me. It even gets worse wen a meeting lasts for hours on end. I start feeling itchy and d fidgety.
I know how dis came about. My BIRTH HOST!!( I refuse to refer 2 her as mom or mother). *I'll b making dis whole 'birth host' thing a different post in d future so u can understand beta, so look out 4 it*
From wen I was younger, we used 2 have frequent family meetings, cud b 2 celebrate or address certain issues. As d years went by BH (birth host) started making dis abt me. See ehhh, we r not close in anyway. She wud use d opportunity dat dis meeting gave to focus on me, showering insults and turning d whole atmosphere gloomy. I can b an extremely quiet person, my bro for example understands dis side of me and gives me space. BH thinks its some kind of abomination. D woman doesn't want to stoop a bit low 2 understand her child cos she is a loud mouth and she can't seem 2 understand y I'm not like her as well. Smh!
Anyway, from there onwards, iv always dreaded meetings, as in ehhhhhhhhhhh!
That whole issue with BH really messed up my mind and I'm open 2 therapy sha....
In fact I'm open to anything that can normalize me in dat 'meeting' aspect and take me back to a time wen d word MEETING wasn't a heart wrenching experience.
It is well

P.s- I want take this moment to appreciate everyone who has taken time out 2 visit my blog. Iv always wanted to do this but was so scared that sum1 will figure me out lmaoooooo!! 
Im so enjoying writing already, wish i started since.

PPS- its almost close of work now and im dreading facing d traffic. Traffic on dis side is sometn else. Journey of 30mins will take 4-5hrs, IMAGINE!! Na those wey carry motor i pity d most. Me i will just enter bus half, trek half and bike d rest o jare!!
Im hanging out 2nyt (neither with Dan nor Ken ) for a change cos it Friday i guess.
Till my next post.
See ya...........


  1. I hate long meetings, infact anything that makes me sit my butt for more than a hour. We had a extended family meeting recently, I was like kilode, 2 hours unto wetin. Have a nice weekend

  2. Thank God we don't have family meetings o... I hate meetings too

  3. Erm, great blog. Keep the posts coming

  4. Thanks Amaka, tanx for visiting guys.