Thursday, 25 December 2014

Neighbours dat pray so damn loud!

My nightmare is happening as I type dis post. I woke up 2 clapping and chanting! Infact dey are still at it. This is d 1st time dis is happening since we moved in2 dis area more dan 17yrs ago. This is d 1st nyt and I really hope dis is d last. These women have bn singing now 4 close to 30mins.. Such nuisance!! Y b so selfish? Y must u disturb my sleep?? Did ur God ask u 2 discomfort other ppl just bcos u want 2 worship him? In fact I think your God will b so angry with u... We met a Mosque in dis area wen we moved in and der was nothing we cud do abt it. D Alpha or wateva just uses d microfone 4 less dan 2 mins. Years later after some refurbishment in d area, FOUR churches..(yeh, u heard right) moved in. These 4 churches r lined up next 2 each other and wen its time 4 prayer and praise and worship, dey confusingly sing each other's songs and say each other's prayer...lmao...such nonsense!!... Y wud a religion dat claims peace want 2 disturb my sleep?? These prayer warriors r still singing, imagine wat will happen wen dey start praying. If dis happens 2moro and wen I hav 2 wake early 2 get ready 4 work, I will hav 2 take matters in2 my hands. Either I go and make complaints 2 dem or I go straight 2 my local government. Iv tolerated a Mosque and 4 churches so far but prayer warriors so early in d morning 2 disturb my precious sleep?? dat hates waking so early in d morning.. I won't take dat lying down I swear.. Now d mosque has started der own.. I bet I'm not d only 1 lying in bed and thinking dis way... These women beta not piss me off... Didn't d landlord tell dem dis neva happened in dis area b4? D 4 churches don't disturb me as much cos apart from Sundays, dey start der own wen I'm already awake or wen I'm at work....only wen dey have night vigil dat it irks me a lot. As I end dis post...can u imagine dat dey r still singing and bloody loud 2... Des type of ppl don't even care dat der may b a mother around who has worked hard 2 put her babies 2 sleep and dey are here making noise 2 wake dem...Rubbish!! They started at abt its 6.13am and d prayer has just begun..... Oh wait, d prayer has suddenly stopped and its back 2 singing again....urrrgggghhhhhhhh!!! This can't continue like dis..NO WAY!!

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