Tuesday, 23 December 2014

But u r single.. Wat do u do with ur Salary?

Thats one of d most ignorant questions evaaaaa urrrggggghhhh!! So annoying! *screams*
Y do some ppl just assume single ladies (especially) collect salary, take 10% of it 2 a beer parlour..devour a plate of nkwobi or isi ewu (goat head deliciousness) or catfish peppersoup and wash it down with 10 bottles of Heineken, Star, Gulder, Orijin or Smirnoff ice. Then there's d imaginary 'shopping spree', movies, 5 course meals or buffet at Eko hotel or Four Points, trips 2 Dubai or Barbados, infact money squandering. Then the remaining 90% just sits pretty in d bank, yielding interest *Yimu 2 infinity* infact *speak 2 d hands*...

See eeeehhh, I complained 2 a baga days ago about my poor salary and how I'm suffering and all dat and dis thing of a man opened his mouth 2 tell me I have no responsibilities so it wudnt affect me much...in his words ' u don't pay rent and some of u ladies r catered for anyway' I took it he meant 'Sugar Daddy' Can u imagine d nerve of dis guy?? *shaking my head*
'OH hell noooooo' was my reply in my head. In reality, I actually told him 2 hold up while I prove   him wrong.... check out the following...
  • 1st of..a big chunk of my salary goes in2 transportation.. 
  • Feeding 
  • Fuel 
  • Stocking up d house.. things like toiletries and replenishing food ingredients and beverages dig deep into my money. 
  • Getting my hair done..let's not 4get human hair expenses.. 
  • Manicure... Pedicure 
  • Medical expenses 
  • Money 4 my favourite crippled guy on my way back from work. Very intelligent begger, always asks me 'madam how work'? I dey feel dat guy abeg 
  • Buying an outfit or 2 
  • Underwear
  • Footwear 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Younger ones extorting money from me. 
  • Unplanned expenses like mending shoe or clothes, phone repair or new phone, being forced 2 patronize sum1 selling something outrageously priced in d office, office sellers can like 2 tripple prices sha na wa!.. 
  • Aso ebi 
  • Spraying money at weddings 
  • Out of work transportation 
  • Cooking gas 
  • Recharge cards 
  • Pizza, 
  • Ice cream 
  • Chicken Republic wings and crunchy chicken oh sooooooo yummyyy in my tummyyy chai! 
  • Sweet sensation dessert chocolate cake 
  • Shawarma... once in a while ooooo 
  • Small chops 
  • Suya 
  • Akara/potato/yam combo 
  • Etc. 
Shey u guys get my drift?
Even if I'm not caring for kids..y wud I sef wen I'll have an able bodied husband..its his job 2 provide 4 d kids and me ofcos mstchewwwww! Anyway..younger ones r just like kids, their demands na anoda tory.....
So I hope I have beenn able 2 convince u and not confuse u that single 'ladies' have as much responsibility 'money-wise' as d married ones.
Thank u.

Till my next post.....................................


  1. Nd u say ur salary is poor jeez

  2. Hahahaha.... Babe you have plenty money o

  3. lol Anon and Esther, I don't hav money ooooo. Those r just a list of my general responsibilities dat proves dat I actually do something with my salary (d guy implied dat I do nothing with it). I don't necessarily do all dat every month sha.