Saturday, 13 December 2014

I had a dream...2 tell or not 2 tell..mmmmmmmmmm

I had an exciting dream last nyt dat Dan (fine boy 2 d surest *not Ken, thank God! Phew!*) proposed 2 me. See ehhh iv know Dan 4 over 4 yrs now and dis is d 1st time I'm having such a dream. Even wen we came close 2 doing d deed years ago I neva had a dream like dis. I almost fainted wen I woke up, it took me a couple of minutes 2 accept dat it was just a dream. DAMN!!
Ok I'll narate dis dream..
I was standing at the balcony in my family house wen I saw Dan downstairs, he walked in briskly with 2 of his friends. Wen I saw him I started giggling and jumping with excitement (for some reason I knew wat was coming next). I giggled thru out dis dream ehhhh. Dan spent abt 2 mins downstairs and next thing he is upstairs in my room. He was leaning on my bed and I passionately hugged and french kissed him not minding dat I was only in my panties (weird ryt??) and my sisters wr also in d room. Dan got up from d bed and went down on one knee (I was giggling thru out) he said some things, brought out dis massive ring wif plenty diamonds and asked me to marry him. I giggled some more and jumped on him shouting yes! Next thing I know I'm on a ride 2 d market on a hunt for a nail salon so I can get my nails did for dat picture perfect 'I just got engaged' pic so I can send 2 an amebo friend of mine who always taunts me with 'wen will I c ur ring or proposal video *rolling my eyes at her*. Anyway, I was riding thru d market and every nail specialist was busy, dey kept directing me 2 d next nail specialist who was equally busy..Mehn!!! D last one I asked 4 directions told me 2 enter a commercial bus 2 d next street and use d salon der. I boarded d bus and off we went, after abt a minute and d bus hadn't stopped, I den saw sign boards dat read 'Akure' (a different state)..hian!! person wey dey Lagos just automatically reach Akure? I told d conductor wr my stop was and he said I shudnt worry dat I can alight at d next stop.... I didn't mind, nothing else mattered, I was extremely happy, always admiring my ring...........then I blinked awake! I was so so happy in dis dream like neva b4, I kept on saying 'finally, finally' *yesssssssssssssss* and wen I blinked my eyes open I screamed Shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiitttt!! Shit! Shit! Shhhhiiiiiitttttttttt!!(I felt hot tears trickle down) Took me some minutes 2 take it all in...oh well.

The thing is... Iv been contemplating telling Dan dis my dream, but I'm scared I'll sound desperate! He might think I'm just making up dreams just so he will propose. Yes I'm a desparado but its a secret one abeg, I die b4 I embarrass myself on dat matter. So shud I tell Dan or not??.............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..


  1. If u dont tell i will... hapi sundae tho

  2. Hahahahahaha.... Who knows? He just might propose today

  3. Don't. It almost never goes well. Its okay to imply it with body language, sharing your dreams and aspirations and also your tone of conversation on matters related to engagement proposal. Happy Married Life in Advance